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NEUPC Members Conference 2018

Wednesday, 18 April, 2018

On Tuesday 10th April, we were Gold sponsor exhibitors at the third NEUPC Member Conference, at the University of York Exhibition Centre. This year’s theme was “Positive Impacts”, focusing on the ways in which responsible procurement can have a real constructive influence on the sector and wider community. In addition to the supplier exhibition, the conference offered useful workshop sessions on topics such as Brexit and GDPR which prepared the delegates for some interesting times ahead!


The day began with a keynote speech led by one of the country’s top professional speakers, Philip Hesketh. Philip’s opening speech and workshop session focused on the psychology of influence and persuasion; as his audience were largely in Purchasing, he used his sales and psychology background to explain the tricks of the trade that procurement professionals will encounter during the buying process. Philip had the audience captivated with his imaginative anecdotes that had everyone engaged with the session.


Wider workshops further to Brexit preparation and GDPR Procurement Implications included sessions on Ethical and SME-Friendly Procurement, as well as Corporate Mental Strength and more, providing an array of opportunities for personal development.

Suppliers across the NEUPC category groups came from many areas of the country to take part in the conference exhibition, which proved to be a success with optimistic feedback across the board. As Rank I furniture supplier to NEUPC we were pleased to meet delegates from numerous framework member organisations including Durham University, Loughborough University, Nottingham Trent University, University of Leicester and University of Sheffield.

Our VR technology was well received as always along with the second edition of our ReThink newspaper. John, Simon and Matthew all felt the event was very productive.


For all those who attended, we hope you enjoyed this years event.

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